Khi Cong Y Dao Vietnam, an alternative form of health exercise founded by Master Do Duc Ngoc in 1980, has touched the lives of thousands of people.
Master Do is widely respected by many people for his expert knowledge of the ancient Eastern concept “Qi” or “Chi” energy.  At its core, Khi Cong Y Dao Vietnam combines the idea of Chi energy with simple, specific physical exercises, which is able to stimulate the body to repair damage and regenerate itself.

Khi Cong Y Dao Vietnam must be differentiated from Tai Chi and its older Chinese sibling, Qi Cong. With traditional Tai Chi and Qi Cong, the main focus is internal – that is, the focus of the exercises is for personal development both, spiritually and physically. Qi Cong Y Dao Vietnam has a more balanced internal/external focus which can be summarized thusly:

1) To strengthen the spiritual and physical health of the practitioner (through Respiration therapy,  Circulation therapy and Meditation therapy)

2) Allow the skilled practitioner help others overcome personal ailments

Thus skilled practitioners are not only able to obtain wonderful physical benefits from following Khi Cong Y Dao Vietnam, but derive personal satisfaction in one’s ability to help others.