To Reduce Blood Pressure permanently, we must understand the structure of Blood Pressure.

Definition : Blood Pressure is the pressure and the Blood “ nutrient “ within the body. This is the movement of nutrient within the body.

The Pressure _ is the movement ( up-down, in-out, strong-weak, fast-slow, expansion-collapse, smooth-hesitation … )
The Blood _ is the nutrient ( carbohydrates, oxygen, minerals, vitamins… thick-thin, hard-soft, big-small, liquid-solid , heavy-light, sticky-fluidly, gas-liquid-solid , dry-wet… )

So in my definition, the combo of the two is Blood Pressure which means the Blood and the Pressure must be united and work together as one unit not in separation. The movement of nutrient within the body. Whenever the combo has its own mind, the Blood works on its own or the Pressure works on its own, problem will appear. If that happens, Blood Pressure will appear in disharmony and will behave wildly out of range.

We have a Blood Pressure table structure from my Master Do Duc Ngoc, and myself

When you asking about the Blood Pressure treatment and the formula, TCM has all kinds of formulas treating : phlegm, wind, heat, cold , stagnation, deficiency, excess, interior, exterior, acute-chronic , activating, draining …

My concern, are we aiming at the Pressure ? or Blood ? or Both ?

If just the Pressure ….. Breathe out or blow out the most we can, the pressure will drop.

Why the pressure is increasing ? Where does it come from ? from the movement, the change ( change of mind, attitude, manner, action , reaction, chemicals, medication, foods, change of poster, change of pressure … )
The pressure _ is just the output “ systolic “… Zhong Qi
The input “ diastolic “ _ are the foods, drinks, medication, smoking, hearing, visualizing are the input. The input will affect the output… Post Natal Qi
The machine or the recycling system_ includes the Liv, Kid, intestines , bladder, uterus, genitals, lower orifices… Pre- Natal Qi.

If we know which part of the Blood Pressure is misbehaving , we can correct it by acupuncture, exercise , nutrition and or with herbs. In any situation, we must measure the Blood pressure 3 times. We measure the Blood Pressure at least 3 times on each arm continuously to see how it behaves. If we are taking the measurement only one at a time how do we know the Blood pressure is behaving, and how can we correct it.

Dr. Nam Nguyen