Many people with high blood pressure (BP) know that they have high potential of getting stroke but they did not realize that taking BP after meals is very important. Unfortunately, when people sometimes feel lazy, they rely very much on the medication and ignore many warning signs.

Taking tablets for high BP, cholesterol, aspirin every day, monitoring BP once in a while and if BP is less than 140mmHg, many people easily neglect and skip monitoring their BP. Not many people realize that the BP suddenly high up right after the full stomach with flatulence and hard digestive food, or even after drinking a can of Coke, after eating a tropical fruit like persimmons, jackfruit, mango ... BP also goes up right after a funny feeling with loud laughs, after an anger, or even an arm reaching to a high/far away object.

Many doctors and pharmacists laughed at those who have been taking BPs before and after eating, they told them taking BP every morning was good enough. Many patients who had strokes and died were the parents and grandparents of doctors and pharmacists. Those doctors and pharmacists did very good jobs of taking BP for their parents and grandparents at many other times but ignored the high BP after the meals. These late patients had their indigestive foods after the dinner and the following morning they found deadly strokes happened. The tropical fruits or any other hard digestive foods can push BP to higher with at least 10mmHg more. The deadly BP appears when the systolic suddenly went up to 160, 180 and then 200mmHg.

The BP taken right after the meals tells us how the liver, gall bladder, pancreas and stomach were well enough. In fact, at an empty stomach’s well function, the left arm BP is at its lowest level and it’s around 130mmHg while the right arm (liver’s side) is at its highest level and is 140mmHg (that makes us feel hungry). In the opposite, when the stomach is full, left arm BP reaches its highest 140mmHg while the right side is relax and gets its lowest 130mmHg.

The 10mmHg difference between the lowest and the highest of the right and the left arms tells us the digestive system is at its well function or 100%. If the difference is 3mmHg shows that the digestive task was only 30%: the food was not digested completely, remained in the stomach for longer time and becomes a burden with acid and rotten air. Later, the stomach will be ill started in the bottom: it will be harder and harder in a few years and then cancer.

A typical example of a high BP person, after a full lunch, his left arm BP was 140mmHg and it was not going down for hours (reaching the dinner time): The indigestive food with acid brought up internal air and pressure and ended up at 150mmHg or higher at his left arm. If he monitored and found the BP high, he would stop eating dinner, but he were so confident on the regular high BP tablet(s) and other medication, he ate his food as usual. The stomach had to work much harder and he really felt tired: At this time, the BP was much higher probably at 180mmHg. Apparently he went to bed and would not wake up in the next day because his BP reached 200mmHg and stroke done on him.

Deadly strokes happened at systolic 30 to 40mmHg higher compared to the daily normal. Do you want to prevent the stroke? Take BP after eating, angry stage, red face hard laugh and specially when you feel dizzy and uncomfortable.

Men and women in middle age (41-59 years old) have more risk of stroke if the systolic is often as high as 160mmHg or more while the medication sometimes can’t make it lower. Seniors have to be careful if they have systolic as high as 170 or more. You have to take BP more often after new foods or strange feeling.


Whenever you found your systolic is 20mmHg higher than the normal. Take action right away: prepare a glass of lemonade (or lime) with less sugar (more sour than sweet, instead of water you can use soda or perrier), drink it, relax and take deep breath in and out through the mouth (the exhale need more pushing with longer and slower time) for at least 20 minutes. The pressure will be released and not gone up to the head when you sit or lie down with higher pillow for the head. Avoid heavy food by taking thin soup (brown rice with little sugar) in a couple days. Constipation makes the BP higher, so take Senna Laxative (in health food stores) for bowel ease, toxic out or cleaning liver and intestine every week.

Doing the Simple Exercise (description of how folding leg and strong exhale-View the post “a Successful Alternative Treatment to Diabetes”) after eating 30 minutes for at least 200 times also helps the stomach with more pressing, smaller abdomen (for beauty?), 100% food digested, reducing BP and sugar, and more oxygen to circulation.

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(Original Vietnamese Version by Doducngoc & English Translated by volunteer)