Many patients went to doctors, through many screening tests in hospitals and still did not know what was wrong in their bodies. To Qiqong Therapy, the obvious symptoms-high or low at Blood Sugar (BS) and Blood Pressure (BP) are the basis and where to find out the causes and there to fix the problems.

In addition, the Qiqong Therapy’s point of view is that a good medical professional is not only theoritical methods but also his or her conscience-experience to guide and give the patients potentials solutions where the patients or family members understand clearly the pro and con of each method, then choose and apply the best to their situations without blindly relying on the guidance.

The below are cases where we can learn useful lessons from many patients’ lost

1 : One finger hurt, wrist operation done, three fingers paralized

A female patient at 60 yrs old complained her painful right wrist: She could only open the thumb and index. The other three fingers had been almost paralized and very painful resulted after the operation for the nerve on the middle finger which was only numb two years ago.

Her right arm BP was taken as 98/70mmHg Pulse 49 and her BS 4.5mmol/L (77mg/dL), temperature (used a lazer temperature gun) on the arm was 3 Lo and there was no signal from the elbow to the hand and fingers-it’s not warm (supposed to be at body temperature!).

Do you notice the very low BP and BS? These were where we fixed.

The patient drank a cup of warm water with 4 tsps of sugar because her BS was really low and she needed energy for the Simple Exercise-Folding leg and blowing exhale through her nose and she did in a little quick movement for the higher BP (high speed for low BP patients and slowly for high BP ones).

Base on Quiqong experience, the estimated energy needed for every 2mmol/L BS increased was 2 tsp of sugar or honey taken in. After 300 movements of Simple Exercise, her BS was taken again and it was 6.0mmol/L (99mg/dL)

Temperature was taken again, from the elbow they were 36.2-36.8 C, while it’s Lo (too low for the temperature gun to get the number) from the wrist to the fingers.

The patient was encouraged to do another 300 Simple Exercise after another 4 tsps of sugar. This time the BP and BS were 120/75mmHg Pulse 72, 129mg/dL or 7mmol/L, the hand was warm at 36.2 C. The finger’s tips were pricked (used the BS testing needle) and squizzed for a couple drops of blood out-stimulating the circulation and releasing the dark blood-helped to move all 5 fingers. The patient understood the importance of exercise and the intake-sugar. Her three fingers were paralized for a long time and at that time could move a little bit but still could not be straighten out.

Do you think checking BP and BS are important and doing the fix there can solve the problems?

2 : Soon in an operation at the half left nose where was numb, shored, inflammation of sinuses and caused the headache

A female patient at 67 yrs old, complained her left nose was with inflammation of sinuses and would be operated and she felt so much headache. The nose with the sinuses was numb. Doctors’ solution was implanting a tube inside her nose.

The lazer temperature was used to test the sinuses: the signal was Lo (very low compared to the body temperature at that time was 37.2 to 37.8 C.

Left arm BP was 110/77mmHg Pulse 58. The numb area was pricked and squizzed for blood released and circulated. It took a few minutes to have very little red blood where she started having feeling. The temperature was taken at the just-had-feeling area, it was 36.2C and the BS was 66mg/dL (~4mmol/L) while in the finger was 82mg/dL (~5mmol/L): nose and finger had different BS.

She drank a cup of warm water with 4 tsps sugar and did 300 Simple Exercise-Pressing leg toward abdomen with blowing exhale. She had her hands (inside) with methol and camphre oil-She smelled and was surprised that her nose was not numb. The affected area on her nose was pricked witht a needle and squizzed for a drop of blood, the BS was 120mg/dL (~7.5mmol/L). She said she was so afraid of diabetes and then sugar for a long time and now she knew her nose’s problem was related to the BS: She would eat more sugar with the BS monitor, then do more of the Simple Exercise and the upcoming operation was not necessary any more.

3 : Operation Removing Tumors in Uterus and Abdomen

A female patient 45 yrs old, complained her left half body from her head to the leg were numb and cold.

Her BP 141/67mmHg Pulse 60 was high compared to the standard healthy list (view the post “Beat High Blood Pressure with Your REAL Knowledge and check to list) at her age. The lazer temperature monitor had Lo from the numb area. The toes'ends were pricked, squizzed but there was not any drop of blood out. Her left leg muscle was lapped to stimulate the circulation for 10 mins and then the BS was 89mg/dL (~5mmol/L). Temperature was taken on her chicks: Right was 37-38 C while Left was 36-36.5. She smile was not balances and lower in the left. Her inside left end of eye brows were tested and BS was high as 129mg/dL (10mmol/L). Temperature from the umbilical down a few centimetres were Lo while the above it was warn with 37-38C. The low BS and low temperature could not help the digestion; circulation was reduced, condensed and made some fat and cholesterol tumors in her uterus and in abdomen: She felt under and inside her abdomen there were some lumps which were called tumors. Doctors told her that she would have the operation removing those tumors.

She was given a cup of warm water with 8 tsps of sugar and encouraged to do 300 quick movements of the Simple Exercise-Pressing legs toward abdomen and blowing exhale: one female volunteer helped her pressing the acupuncture point for the stomach (view the post “Dangerous Unreal Blood Pressure” for location of the stomach acupuncture point). She took a little 5 minutes rest and then did again other 300 movement of this exercise. Her face became red with good circulation and her body was warm and with wet sweat out. Her left BP was 128/75mmHg pulse 82, and BS was 145mg/dL. Temperature in two chicks were almost same as 37 and 37.8 C. She was asked to yawn to test the balance of her face: left and right ends of her mouth were on the same horizontal line. At that time she felt the lumps were all gone and she wouldn’t be in any operation.


The BS was low and the pulse as also low, so the circulation was delayed and not enough blood for the nerves (caused numb). The foods were not digested well because the stomach and other organs did not have enough energy from sugar to work well and the indigestive-foods condensed together in blood became the lumps.

There have been many people eating food contained high sugar while they have low BP, plus they are not active nor doing any exercise, the sugar will become lumps of sugar covered by fat: that’s why when tested the BS was low.

Doing the Simple Exercise 600 movements brought heat and released sugar into the blood-this situation works for fat people with large belly, they have enough BS and don’t have to drink more sugar liquid.

4 : Knee Operation Done Three Years before but the Pain was Still There and Worse

A male patient at 67 yrs old, walked with very much difficulty, his face was so pale. It’s really hard and tired for him to walk up or down stairs. His knee has been painful at each move. The lazer temperature gun signaled Lo at his knee. Above the knee a few centimetres, the temperature were around 37 C while from the knee down to the feet, the temperature was Lo and no signal

The BS was tested by pricked at the knee and there was not any drop of blood squizzed out: the patient said he did not feel anything at the needle and he felt painful deeply inside. The BS at the hand was 70mg/dL (4.5mmol/L).

BP left arm was 130/74mmHg Pulse 61. The heart beats were low at 61/min and the BS was low. Do you think increase BS was the solution? How about doing exercises?

Yes, he was ready to do 300 quick movements (low movements for high BP doers) of the Simple Exercise-Pressing legs toward his abdomen, after drinking a cup of warm water with 8 tsps of sugar (or his BS was 8.5mmol/L). Because the pain on his knee, so he just did the best he could for the first 100, he said he felt better. After 200 movements, he had sweat out and was wet his forehead with less pale face. After 300 movements, his BS was tested at his knee, this time the blood was released much easier than before and it was 109mg/dL

He continued doing 300 movements of the Simple Exercise and rested for 5 minutes. His temperatures were 37 C on two knees, on toes 36.5 and on forehead 38.5. At that time, he could move his knees up, down and walk with more ease and no more pain. He said his wife gave his all kinds of foods with very little sugar because she was scared of diabetes and he did not have any BS monitor at home.

5 : Blurred Eyes

The wife of the above 67 yrs old man complained her eyes were blurred and she suspected herself with high BS. So, her BS was tested and it was 4.5mmol/L at her eye brow’s inside end (this was the acupuncture point to check the BS for the eyes-view ther post “A Successful Alternative Treatment to Diabetes”): it was low.

This kind of low BS had happened to many people who have been eating without or very little sugar and if the low comes to 3.5mmol/L their eyes were blinded soon or later. It also happened to diabetes people who take medication for low BS and eat not enough sugar for the body’s function as well as for the eyes and they did not know their vision became worse because the low BS and not because the high BS.

Why don’t you test your BS to know how much BS at your eyes and your body before deciding to take foods with high or low sugar.

6 : A Tumor at the Back

A male patient at 62 yrs was so weak and accompanied by his wife, complained his back was every painful resulted of a tumor on his left shoulder.

His BS was 4.0mmol/L. BP right arm was 114/65mmHg Pulse 51, left arm was 102/61mmHg Pulse 49. Any tough (lightly) to his abdomen was a sudden scare to him like an electric shock! His temperature all over his body was Lo (low!).

At this low BS 4mmol/L, patients feel sleepy and could go into comma because the brain and whole body did not have enough energy and slowly die.

He was given a cup of warm water with 8 tsps of sugar and a warm electric blanket was covering his abdomen for 10 minutes.

This man could not do the Simple Exercise by himself because he was too weak. A volunteer was holding his legs, moved them for him at each pressing on his abdomen and reminded his blowing exhales. After 30 movements, he had a 3 minutes rest and then he could do the exercise by himself slowly for 100 movements. He rested again and back to exercises for 40 minutes: he was wet with sweat and felt better. He found the tumor at his back was gone (!?).

The temperature was taken and it was 37 to 37.5 at his back. His BP was 120/65mmHg Pulse 79


This 62 yrs old man was with low BS and BP: The delayed blood circulation with low temperature built up a tumor at his back. After the exercise, his body was warm and his better pulse melting the tumor (from frozen to liquid).

He could prevent this tumor returned by doing exercise specially the Simple Exercise and had the BS and BP monitors handy: He had to be careful when his BP was lower than 110mmHg and pulse was lower than 70. His BS had to be not less than 100mg/dL at empty stomach. If his body was cold, he would feel the pain. Last but not least, the food with enough sugar and other nutritions were really necessary for people with low sugar to prevent painful tumor developed.

7-Vision was with Black Flies

A woman 58 yrs old, her BS was 7.5mmol/L at the morning she came to see her family doctor and was prescribed with metformin one tablet per day. Her eyes became blurred after that and she saw many “black flied” in front of her eyes.

When she came to the Qiqong Therapy’s clinic, her BS was 7.5mmol/L after her breakfast. She was advised to test her BS at her empty stomach and it was only 4.5mmol/L the next couple days and that was not high to our healthy standard experienced advice.

She stopped taking metformin and did regularly the bending head exercise (her upper leg pressing on her abdomen-blowing Exhale) 100 times during her break times at work daily. Her “black flies” were reduced and almost gone after two weeks.

Another woman had her eyes with “lots of black flies” too, even though she went to several clinics (was advised to have a lazer surgery on hert eyes-at high cost). She did not know her BS was so low at 3.5mmol/L. When she came to Qiqong Therapy clinic, she was advised to take more foods with sugar and drink liquid of ginger with honey every day and do more exercise with bending head. In another two weeks, her black flies were gone.

8-Hands and Feet Cold and Curled

Many people did not take enough sugar they normally feel cold and tired. Their hands and feet also shaking and even curled. If you had a BS monitor, you can test and it was low and around 4.5 mmol/L or less; the pulse was slow too.

What you can do to help at first? Give those people a warm cup of sugar liquid with ginger. Next, don’t forget to remind these people to do exercises to warm (internal) their body.

9-Eyes with Weak Vision again

A female young doctor came to her yearly health check up and had BS 6.2 mmol/L. Her family doctor/colleague warned her to be careful of almost being diabetes. From that day, she kept away from any food with sugar, her eyes became weaker.

Fortunately, she read one of our articles about the importance of keeping enought sugar around 6.00mmol/L and being active to transfer sugar into energy for human body’s functions. She improved her food with more sugar, monitored her BS and her eyes got better.

There is not one standard about BS at empty stomach for everybody because the active need more sugar than the passive people do. Many doctors treat labour workers in the same way as to office workers by giving them metformin tablets when they had blood sugar 5.00mmol/L in the morning!

Diabetes medication is only good to people who can’t move and can’t do exercise while you can do our easy Simple Exercise why you take medication for diabetes?

(Collected stories from Master Do Duc Ngoc's clinic)