Traducteur : Dr. Ta Trung Thao

Coca Cola and Pepsi are the two common beverages, but can be very beneficial to address the problems of poor digestion, poorly processed foods, and leading causes of blood pressure problems, which are difficult to treat, and need permanent medication.

Attached are the results compiled after a treatment session using these two beverages, with 500 people during my stay of five weeks in Europe towards ending 7 August 2014.The daily session begins at 5:00 am and lasts until midnight.
The results show the benefits of Coca Cola, once properly used.

This first video: shows the effect of Coca Cola in dissolving dirt, bloodstains, inlaid long on an object. This same property allows Coca Cola to dismantle inlays of undigested food in the stomach, promoting better digestion, thus preventing the formation of cysts or stomach ulcer.

Translator : Thu huong Nguyen

Coca Cola does not have the ability to dissolve the living biological tissues, beyond any danger to the tongue, palate, stomach.

This second video: shows that a whole egg long time immersed in Coke becomes elastic and rubbery.
In the human body, through the work of transformation, absorption, and elimination via the feces, no food may become rubbery, even ingested simultaneously with Coca Cola.

The third reason for the Coca Cola: If there is poison in Coca Cola, organizations of health protection would have banned the production and consumption. Coca Cola is still in business for over 50 years. Olympic athletes often take Coca Cola to increase the power of resistance of the body due to lack of blood sugar.

The fourth reason favorable: Experience has shown that a whole egg long time immersed in Coca Cola transformed into a rubber rigid mass. In fact to date, they have never found cases of people with cysts in the stomach because they consumed eggs and Coca Cola.

In the international media, there are two cases of mortality in relation to the Coca Cola:
In the USA, the story of a child who constantly drinks Coca Cola, his mother, in a crisis of nervousness, he was forced to drink the whole bottle of 2 liters, which killed the child. The cause of death is not due to poisoning by Coca Cola, but these are the ingredients and the large amount of gas in the Coca Cola that increased blood pressure too much causing asphyxiation and the cerebral hemorrhage.
In Thailand, the story of a tourist, after eating the fruit Durian, drinking a can of Coke, had to be rushed to emergency care, and died later. The cause, either, is not due to the interaction between the Durian and Coke could generate a toxic substance.

According Qigong therapy if the Durian and Coke together gives rise to a lethal product, the person would have died immediately after eating and drinking.
A portion of Durian increases the blood pressure of 10 mmHg, 5 servings increase blood pressure 50 mmHg. A can of Coke increases 10 mmHg. Blood pressure has increased so much, especially if the person has a history of high blood pressure, leading to cerebral hemorrhage, coma, and death.

We routinely use two toxic products: Chlorine to clean, bleach to whiten clothes, to filter the dirty water into drinking water, Natrium to make soap, table salt is composed of these two elements NaCl (Sodium Chloride). It is normal that peoples have used Coke to clean and remove dirt attached to objects or utensils.
Specifically, Qigong therapy uses Coca to improve digestion, increase the blood pressure for people with a blood pressure lower than the one of his age group to increase the blood sugar in cases of low blood sugar, they lack of energy and heat for the work of absorption, transformation of food into nourishing blood. The gas in the Coke helps speed digestion if the person practices the exercise ‘‘Keo Ep Goi Lam Mem Bung ’’/ bring your knees to your chest; press them against the sides exhaling through the mouth. Exercise helps the movement of the stomach and liver to perform the functioning food transformation, separation of nutritious foods, changing food into nutrients by quickly removing waste from the body.

By against Pepsi is used for people with a blood pressure higher than the one of his age group, with indigestion and low blood sugar. Pepsi helps increase blood sugar to combat fatigue, gas helps better digestion. The quality of Pepsi is to lower blood pressure.

According to Qigong therapy, before meals, we measure blood pressure at the two arms. In the left we measure the functioning, good or bad, of stomach which influences on blood pressure in the heart. In the right we measure the functioning, good or bad, of the liver, which also influences blood pressure in the heart. Western medicine does not measure in the right; so do not know what happens during the functioning in concert between the stomach and liver. This work can be done in concert normally or contradictory ways. Flatulence, acid report, bitters, indigestion, cholesterol in the blood is due to a contradictory functioning of both the stomach and liver. By treating only the stomach, Western medicine cannot stop the root of the disorder, over time the cancer has settled in the stomach.

Normal functioning means that before the meal, triggering hunger feels in the stomach, the liver must work to secrete bile and acid and therefore the blood pressure of the liver is higher than the one of the stomach. Before the meal the stomach is empty, so in the left its blood pressure should be lower than the one of liver measured in the right. The ideal difference between the two arms is 10 mmHg always based on the correlation table of blood pressure with age groups of Qigong therapy. Western medicine does not consider the notion of correlation, and takes as good a blood pressure of 100 mmHg to 140 mmHg and for the entire population regardless of age. This perspective does not allow finding the cause of nosebleeds in children and cancer in adults.

The contradictory functioning, before the meal, the blood pressure of the stomach is higher than the one of the liver, that is, the blood pressure of the liver is lower than the one of the stomach. And after meals, blood pressure of the stomach is lower than the one of the liver, resulting in sleepiness after meals. This is because the stomach does not work, sits and waits for the liver secretes acid and bile to help digest food if the food will stay in the stomach, without being completely transformed and not giving blood, but the fat stored in the belly. The level of sugar is high in fat, but a blood glucose made on finger gives a low level of sugar in blood.

The Qigong therapy did an experience with a person with a big belly with lots of fat. Blood glucose on the finger is 6.0 mmol / l. After the exercise of Qigong: Up and down the stairs 300 steps, blood glucose re measured is 10.0 mmol / l. Continue another 200 steps, blood glucose increased to 12.0 mmol / l, with sweating of cold sweat on his forehead. After 15 minutes rest, repeat continuously the 600 steps, there are sweating of hot sweat on forehead and the entire body, the shirt is all wet. Blood sugar dropped to 7.0 mmol / l. This showed that the making of the 600 steps can be used for reference as a dose of medication that can lower blood glucose 5.0 mmol / l in the treatment of diabetes. Also for lowering blood sugar to the desired value, we will calculate the number of steps to do. Up and down the stairs rapidly increases blood pressure, up and down the stairs slowly decreases blood pressure.

Enclosed is the correlation table of blood pressure in different age groups according to the Qigong therapy.

Systolic/diastolic pressure/Pulsation
Age group
95-100/ 60-65 mmHg 60-120 5 - 12 years (children)
100-110/ 60-65 mmHg 60-70 13 - 17 years (adolescents)
110-120/ 65-70 mmHg 65-70 18 - 40 years (youngs)
120-130/ 70-80 mmHg 70-75 41 - 59 years (adults)
130-140/ 80-90 mmHg 70-80 60 years and older (elderly persons)

Reference values of blood sugar
A fasting: 6.0-8.0 mmol / l = 100-140 mg / dl
After meals: 8.0-12.0 mmol / l = 140-220 mg / dl
Units of measure for blood sugar

4.0 mmol/l= 60 mg/dl
5.0 = 80
6.0 = 100
7.0 = 120
8.0 = 140
9.0 = 160
10.0 = 180
11.0 = 200
12.0 = 220
13.0 = 240
14.0 = 260
15.0 = 280
16.0 = 300
17.0 = 320
18.0 = 340
19.0 = 360
20.0 = 380
21.0 = 400
22.0 = 420
23.0 = 460
24.0 = 480
26.0 = 500

The Energy and Blood should increase with age. The first number represents the energy indicates strength, health. The second number indicates the amount of blood that passes through the heart. The balance between the appropriate values of Energy and Blood creates the normal heartbeat, neither slow nor fast. It is through experience that we could establish the correlation table of blood pressure with the age groups

Take example of the pulse 60 to 120 in children (5-12 years). The child in the normal state or resting, the pulse is low, but he can indulge in all sorts of activities all day without getting tired, because the pulse is still within appropriate blood pressure for their age

An adult playing with the child gets tired after a while and cannot follow him in his games because the pulsation of adult exceeded 80-90, making him tired.

Take example of nosebleeds in children. Epistaxis in children means that these children have high blood pressure. Their blood pressure have the same values as the ones of adults, instead of 95-100, these children have blood pressure of 110. Movements, running, jumping, warm the body, increase blood pressure at 120-130, the forehead becomes hot, and rupture of blood vessels in the nasal septum gives the nosebleed. Doctors often say that while growing up the bleeding stops.

Indeed, at that time the blood pressure reached the normal blood pressure in the age group of adolescents, so no high blood pressure, and no epistaxis. Any child with a blood pressure equal to the one of an adolescent suffers from high blood pressure. But Western medicine has only medications to treat high blood pressures in adults.

Against by an adult or an elderly person should have the values of Energy and Blood (4-5 liters) corresponding to age, so that the internal organs can have enough oxygen (energy) and blood to feed a body of 50-60 kg of cells. Values of Energy and Blood (2-3 liters) similar to a child feed only a body of 20-30 kg of cells. Cells that do not receive oxygen and blood will gradually degenerate, become cold, agglutinate rigid mass blocking blood circulation and causing pain. The gradual cooling of the blood means that the content of sugar in the blood decreased. Thus we see that cancerous masses develop because of the lack of three factors: 1) Energy or oxygen, systolic pressure is low; 2) the volume of diastolic blood pressure is low; 3) lack of sugar cools the body, slows blood circulation, decreases heartbeat. While observing the blood pressure values, we can know in advance that anyone with a blood pressure lower than 100/60 mmHg is potentially cancerous.

Individuals with cancer installed, have a blood pressure lower than 80 mmHg. Following the treatment of Western medicine for cancer, if the blood pressure continues to drop is that the treatment is not appropriate, below 70 mmHg the person will die. Death is not due to the cancerous mass but due to the lack of Energy and Blood circulation which gives pain, and medication side effects making breathing difficult. Breathing weakens over time and brain oxygenation. Painkillers such as morphine decrease further blood pressure and the orthosympathetic system. The organization is no longer able to receive neither food nor injection tonics to maintain lucidity to fight the disease, because the method of treatment is to kill all the cancer cells, healthy cells suffer the same fate in parallel until complete extinction of brain neurons.

Virtually the treatment is to increase the working of absorption and food transformation so that we can feel hungry and eat foods forming blood, practice exercises Qigong therapy to increase energy, eat more sugar to increase sugar in blood and combat fatigue. Two kinds of drink respond adequately to the treatment needs: Coke and Pepsi.

Treatment is simple as follows:

Case 1: A fasting, blood pressure and blood glucose are higher than the references corresponding to the age

The person aged 65 years, blood pressure: 170 / 80mmHg, pulse: 100, blood glucose: 18.0 mmol / l

To lower blood glucose 8.0 mmol / l, we should remove 10.0 mmol / l, we should use 2 doses of reference Gigong medications, that is up and down 1,200 steps slowly to lower the blood pressure and pulsation.

Case 2: The blood pressure of the stomach in the left is higher than the reference because of indigestion, always depending on the age, high systolic blood pressure, diastolic blood pressure is good, the blood glucose remains lower than the reference before and after meals.
The person aged 65 years, blood pressure: 170 / 80mmHg, pulse: 70-80, glucose: 6.5 mmol / l after meals.

We should raise the blood sugar to increase body heat and the sugar levels in the blood so that the food can be "cooked" (digested), blood sugar should rise to 10-12 mmol / l, to make down blood pressure, you should drink a glass of Pepsi (250 mL), practicing Qigong exercise: Up and Down Stairs 1 dose it is 600 steps slowly to lower blood pressure and pulse. After exercise blood pressure and blood sugar will decrease, the contradictory transformation to 2 arm returns to normal transformation, blood pressure: 150/90 mmHg, blood glucose: 6.0 mmol / l.
If we want to continue to decrease the blood pressure to digest all the remaining food in order to the stomach blood pressure drops to 130 mmHg we should practice again a second time: Up and Down Stairs, to do this, drink a another glass of Pepsi (250 ml) to raise blood glucose 9-10 mmol / l, because below 6.0 mmol / l, the body does not have enough sugar to practice exercise, there is fatigue . After exercise, the values re measured join references, blood pressure: 130/83 mmHg, pulse: 90, slightly high, blood sugar: 6.5 mmol / l.

Case 3: The systolic blood pressure, diastolic blood pressure, blood sugar are all higher than references. This case predisposes to stroke. The light case led to a slight paralysis, a little more serious paralysis with rigidity of the affected areas, the most severe to coma, brain hemorrhage and ultimately death of the brain.
The person aged 60 years, blood pressure are still above references.
Blood pressure: 200/100 mmHg, pulse: 100-110, blood glucose 18.0 mmol / l

The high diastolic blood pressure means too great opening of the valves of the heart, for several reasons: too much blood or too much fat passes through the heart, drinking too much water leads dilatation of leg veins causing swelling of the legs, pain, feeling cold, cramps, the appearance of blue veins. The treatment is identical to the case 1. The difference is that you tighten your calves, before exercise, with elastic bandage used to tighten the navel babies. The bandage tightens dilated veins, permit again an adequate functioning of the valves inside the veins helping venous return, muscle contractions during the up and down of stairs increases the amount of blood returning to the heart.

Example: the body 4 liters of blood distributed to the whole body: 1 liter to the thorax and the two arms, legs for 1 liter, 2 liters for the trunk. The inflow of blood to the legs dilated veins, normal muscle contractions are unable to pump the excess blood to the Heart, and the volume of blood that returns to the heart has fallen. Consequently, the valves of the heart should be more open, the heart expands more to suck more blood to the Heart.

Grip the calf with elastic bandage before performing the exercise: Up and Down Stairs, remove the bandage at end of exercise, before measure again the blood pressure. Blood pressure: systolic and diastolic align references; it is same applies to blood sugar.

Case 4: The blood pressure is lower than the reference, but the blood glucose is higher than the reference.

A person aged 60 years or older, blood pressure: 110/70 mmHg, pulse: 75, blood glucose 12.0 mmol / l. This case occurs in people who eat little, but have problems digesting food, and take medications to lower blood pressure. The stomach and the liver do not have enough energy to ensure the movement of food transformation, even if the blood glucose is high. The high levels of sugar in the blood increases the secretion of enzymes in the liver.

Just practice quickly the exercise: Up and Down Stair 300 steps stop 10 minutes, continue another 300 steps to get a dose Qigong medication. The measures give, blood pressure: 130 / 75mmHg, pulse: 80-90, blood sugar down to: 7.0 mmol / l.

Case 5: blood pressure and blood sugar: lower than references
blood pressure: 100/60 mmHg, pulse: 60, blood glucose 4.5 mmol / l. This case easily scales to cancer. Warning signs include: headache, dizziness, lightheadedness, blurred vision, memory loss, hair loss, somnolence, fatigue, neck pain, back, nape, shoulders, limbs, degeneration of the spine, indigestion , lack of appetite, cold in limbs and body, eyes lifeless, cold sweat for no reason, gradual weight loss

Avoid sour foods that destroy the blood, cold foods make slow blood circulation and lower blood pressure. In cases of permanent medication for high blood pressure and diabetes, stop taking it. The medications will lower blood pressure under 110 mmHg and blood glucose under 5.0 mmol / l. By cons, you need to consume foods invigorating the blood every day as Pho or Bo Bun Hue (beef with rice noodles soup), take Vitamin B12 orally or by injection, drinking red beet juice, drinking tea of ginger with honey, consuming daily bouillon made: 5 red beets, 5 carrots, 1 onion and 1 piece of ginger lightly toasted all in 2 liters of water reduces to1 liter.

After meals drink 1-2 glasses of Coca Cola (250-500 mL) to increase the sugar, therefore, increases body heat so that the stomach can transform food and prevent cancer.

After 30 minutes of quick practice: Up and Down Stairs for 1-2 doses of Qigong medication, measure again blood pressure and blood sugar to see if they have increased and joint the references, if no drink one another glass of Coke (250 mL) and continue the exercise quickly to increase body heat, blood pressure, blood glucose to reach the references. Practice every day exercise, signs of cancer will disappear.

Case 6: The paralysis. Treatment is based on the same principle: the blood pressure and blood glucose should be similar to the one of references. We should help the person Up and Down the Stairs stage by stage to relax the tendons, flexible tendons, muscles, blood vessels of the limbs, strengthen thighs, legs. Practice without interruption 300 steps, rest 10-30 minutes, re-measure blood sugar and continue the other 300 steps. Practice 5-10 doses, arm, legs and joints movements become more alert, walking is faster, there is no more stiffness or loss of balance. The person can easily walk with confidence on any flat surface, and no longer need a wheelchair.

NOTES: Only when you want to practice Qigong exercises: Up and Down Stairs (Di Cau Thang) or Bring your knees to your chest, press them against the sides exhaling through the mouth (Ep Goi Keo Lam Mem Bung) that takes Coke or Pepsi to take advantage of their beneficial qualities of transforming food while you practice the exercise, there is no harm. All the ingredients in Coke or Pepsi are transformed with food and are discharged to the outside through the stool. Taking Coke or Pepsi without the exercises, blood pressure and blood sugar will increase, and wastes dissolved by Coke or Pepsi remain in the body and give the disease Gout.


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