Why Coca Cola and Pepsi Are NOT as You See?

Lots of people have been so scared of diabetes that they only see the negative sides on Coca Cola and Pepsi. Here we present to you three main Coca Cola and Pepsi’s characteristics and some has been useful applications.

1-A friendly environment cleaning liquid: Coca Cola and Pepsi have been applied to clean dirty/rusting metal surfaces. First, this liquid makes the dirty particles loosening on surface. Next, with a soft pad and more of this liquid, these dirty particles are removed to leave a clean or shiny surface. “Friendly environment” is this liquid does not ruin the metal as other acid or alkaline cleaning products do. A routine cleaning process contains two main steps: one, loosening and two removing the dirty particles on any target surface.

2- A popular soft drink for active people from athletes to sport games’ players: Do you know why there have been many large and attractive advertisements of this kind of soft drink in any big games? Why those ads are everywhere? If it is harmful, why government did not forbid the producers? So, for many decades, Coca Cola and Pepsi have been quick unharmful sources providing energy (in form of added sugar soft drink) for those who needed or wanted.

3-Cleaning process applied in health care for digestive system using Coca Cola or Pepsi

As we mention the cleaning steps in 1. The gas in Coca Cola or Pepsi plays an essential role in the loosening dirty particles’ processes: It combines and absorbs the in-digestive food and even small plums (established by the fat/cholesterol and unused food) on the internal surface of the stomach and intestines. The second step-The mixture of Coca Cola or Pepsi with unused food then should be pushed out as the last task.

In a normal cleaning chore, will you have to take away the garbage to finish your work? It is important to perform this last step: we have to provide an internal force exhausting garbage out of the body otherwise the garbage will become dangerous toxic blocks.

The “Simple Exercise-Folding, pressing legs toward the abdomen and pushing exhale” is our suggestion for the body cleaning last step: with the force at each exhale and inhale, your organs are able to provide an internal force for the whole body exhausting all kinds of unused food (as dropping fart, sweat out, bowel moved...). Besides the Simple Exercise, walking up and down stairs with elastic bandage holding around the lower scaft is Qiqong new exercise where you can apply for your internal cleaning process as well as reduce blood sugar: fast steps increasing blood pressure while slowly ones reduce it.

The gas in these kinds of soft drink helps the digestion specially for high energy or hard digestive foods. We take this advantage by drinking Coca Cola (for people with low blood pressure compared to our standard blood pressure list for ages) or Pepsi (for people with high blood pressure) after the meals 30 minutes and ready to start the Simple exercise or the up-down stairs walking.

The best use of Coca or Pepsi is to drink it when we need supports for the digestive process and after eating 30 minutes we have stimulating energy for the Qiqong exercises (for body and its organs’s moves).

Remember: The organs’ exercise needs the soft drink as their stimulating-cleaning liquid. If you don’t intend to do Qiqong or other exercises, do not drink the soft drink: the garbage will have no way to be moved out, and become internal toxic causing many sicknesses.

4-Differences for Coca and Pepsi ’s applications

Our records of blood sugar and pressure from our volunteers who practiced Qiqong show that in order to have good use from drinking the soft drink as an extra source of energy, everyone has to take the blood sugar and pressure (tests) before doing the exercise to choose the right amount of work and soft drink. Mainly, drinking Coca Cola or Pepsi reduces feeling of tired because it provides energy as sugar.

a-Coca Cola with cafein promotes body internal heat and causes constipation and then increases blood pressure (diastolic): Coca Cola is good for people with low blood pressure who want to do exercises to increase their blood pressure to the healthy height.

These two video recorded examples for those who are at low blood pressure.
Note: The walking at quick steps increases blood pressure.


The sweat released after the work done reduced the blood sugar and pressure too: the extra sugar and energy taken through Coca Cola were all used.

b-Pepsi contains orange zest making the feces soft and ease the bowel. Pepsi cools down the body internal heat and decreases blood pressure (diastolic): Pepsi is good for people with high blood pressure who want to do exercises to reduce their blood pressure to the healthy level.

These two video recorded examples for those who are at high blood pressure.
Note: The walking with bandages in the scalfs at low and relax steps reduces blood pressure.


You can use a one step plastic pad for going up and down if you don’t have stairs at home and apply the same concept as above: “Quick” brings up and “slow” reduces blood pressure. Try at least 600 to 1200 times and do not forget testing the blood pressure before and after the exercise


Caution: Without doing Qiqong or other exercise, do not drink Coca or Pepsi: its gas is harmful to the heart and its so made internal garbage has no way out but going into and remaining deeply in organs and soon blocking vein and artery!

During the Qiqong or other exercise practice, if you feel tired and sweat out, it is the sign of low blood sugar.

What are you going to do while you are tired and not making 600 times of steps yet?
Our suggestion is to drink a half of a can of Coca or Pepsi and then continue. You can also take some candy for your sugar substitution as below.

a-Lemon candy gives you sugar but not the higher blood pressure.
b-Ginger candy gives you sugar and higher blood pressure.

As all we present to you the use of Coca Cola and Pepsi, do you see how the soft drink has gone into and out of a body with the support of an exercise? Are you still afraid of drinking Coca Cola or Pepsi?

Do you want to perform a cleaning chore at your digestion system for your healthy stomach and intestine?

Original Vietnamese version by master DoducNgoc, Combined, modified and translated by a volunteer)


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